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Vision Statement

We want to be the premier Polish organisation in Sydney that is at the centre of cultural, entertainment and sporting activities. We want to promote and enhance the reputation of Polish culture to the Polish as well as the Australian community for the mutual benefit of all members and the local community.

Green Policy

Mission Statement

1. To provide good value and quality services in the areas of;
- Food and beverage
- Entertainment, culture and events
- Rooms for hire and private events
2. Where possible to deliver Polish or Polish influenced themes
3. To have a Club that is modern, profitable, has a growing membership and has multiple sources of revenue.

Functions of the Board of Directors
The Board is responsible to the members for the performance of the Club and its overall governance.
The key values of the Board are;
Act with integrity
Act in the best interests of the Polish Club at all times
Be member focused
Be committed to employees and sub-contractors that work in the Club
Be results driven
Be community oriented
Achieve results through teamwork and good communication
Deliver to agreed timetables

Position Descriptions
-Provides leadership and direction for the Board and Management team
-Allocates tasks and duties within the Board as required
-Develop and oversee the vision, strategic plan and growth and development of the Club
-Ensure all activities of the Club and members of the Board conduct themselves in accordance with best practice governance and the various rules governing the Club.
-Chair all meetings unless otherwise delegated

Senior Vice-President  
-Duties and special projects as delegated by the President
-Fills the role of meeting Chair in the absence of the President

Junior Vice-President
-Fills the role of meeting Chair in the absence of the President and Senior Vice-President

-Responsible for advertising, marketing and all external communication
-Responsible for all licensing and record keeping; this includes membership details as well as mail lists
-Ensure that the Club office is well run and business efficiency is achieved

-Maintenance of all financial records and book keeping
-Reconciliation of all bank accounts and banking activities
-Primary representative of the Club with external bankers and insurance companies
-Supervision of all payments and outgoing funds as approved by the Board
-Collection of all monies owed to the Club
-Financial analysis and forecasting as required by the President and the Board
-Preparation and production of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements


Board Members

-Duties and special projects as delegated by the President

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