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History of the Polish Club Ashfield



The creation of the Polish Club Ashfield was as a result of the arrival in Australia of former soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces and their families after World War II in 1947.  These people were the start of the Polish post-war wave of migrants to Australia, then known as 'displaced persons'. These new Polish Australians needed somewhere to meet and socialise with their friends and families that provided some reminder and comfort of their old home, Poland, in this new place called Australia, their new home.



In 1964 when the required number of 200 members was attained, a Club Building Committee was created and loan credits were written up.  The Club was built and financed by the 208 founder members.  The involvement of the whole community was rewarded with success with the official opening of the Club on 21 May 1967. Over time, an Auditorium was needed and was built in 1980 on land that was behind the Dom Polski (Polish House) and the Club.  In 1985 the Club was extended further with the purchase of 75 Norton Street Ashfield.


During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Club performed the function of Polish Cultural and Promotion Centre, a place where some Olympic Games' cultural events were held including meet and greet events with Polish medallists and athletes.  These events attracted spectators from around the world to the Club.


Famous guests of the Club have been Cardinal Karol Wojtyla who later became Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, Jerzy Sthur and Michael Klim. Recently others have included Magda Szubanski and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.


The Club is also home to 'Syrenka' Polish Folkloric Dance and Song Ensemble.


In May 2017, the Polish Club Ashfield celebrated 50 years of proud service in the Polish and Australian communities. 

Bartenders 1969

First Club President and Manager

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla later Pope John Paul II and Saint

Club's 35th Anniversary Ball

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